Soon yellow leaves and all the rabbit brush will not have the amount of sunlight needed to produce chlorophyll. Know what that means? Two and a half months from now I will begin the daily trek to a dollar Store for all the candy corn in the world. Yes, it is a contest.

All that aside, I have been busy with training my mind in preparation to teach The Old Testament this year in Early Morning Seminary in wonderful downtown Olathe, Colorado. I’ve counted the steps back and forth for two years now. It is 168 steps (approx.110 yards) on level ground with a crosswind of barely enough to knock a gnat off course as long as he/she doesn’t get eaten by Neo. 
He likes everything just like Mikey. Although the yellow pages are his favorite he will eat almost anything regardless of color, gender or religious upbringing. On the other, you have fingers. Neo only has three toes on his front right paw. His counterpart, Mr. Anderson has all his claws and knows how to use them, too. He keeps them sharpened on the utility pole in the alley catty corner to my computer room’s window. I doubt the pole will fall down anytime soon.

As mentioned already we will be studying the Old Testament this year. It remains to be seen how many students might register for the fall semester. I know that six (6) for sure will be here and I pray we encourage them to do well this year. Our youth are extraordinary! The sacrifice to pull themselves from their warm bed each school day for a 6:50 AM class makes for marvelous experiences for them and their families. Not to mention the blessings I receive through their many efforts to enlarge their already crowded school and home activities – I am amazed daily to see their hard work and concern for their families and leaders. It will be a good year.

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