It is nice to meet you where ever or whoever you may be.

Unlike most blog posts you will find anywhere on this blue ball, I will keep you well informed of daily tally sheets for changes in everything from atmospheric pressure to the standard length of a toad’s eyelashes. Whether you like knitting or chasing wild cats from the neighbors back yard, you’ll find all the less attractive annoyances in and around the 4- Corners of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and, my home in Teec Nos Pos Arizona. And since the Verona Crisis continues to make a nerve splitting mess of this Blue Ball, I’ll cover all the good parts of life, too.

Do not feel vanquished or discouraged; or vice versa. It has always been true that we are in this together. My wonderful wife, Lula sends her regards as do I, for a happy and prosperous life either here on the Rez or in the home country anywhere within a few light years.

Lula was born a poor uranium miner’s daughter, and a poor one at that. I was raised on the mill tailings she sat on in Uravan in the early days of the nuclear age. We both are native to the west side of the Great Divide and, even though she would not want me to give away any of her secrets of dealing with an old coot like me, she has enough strength for the both of us.

I’ve graduated to finding and making bigger holes to dump in some of the low-grade uranium we have around here. Pictures are coming soon.

We are simply happy and even honored to fill in the little quirky details of anyone’s life who has survived as long as some of us have. We truly are blessed.

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