Goodbye to the green machine

The 96 Tracer has a new owner. Yesterday I was prepping the car for a trip to Denver. Elle and Adam Lloyd were going to ride with Alvie and me to find a car. After I loaded tools, rotated tires and made it clean, a thought came to me. Why drive 285 miles in a car that is low maintenance and gets better than 30 mpg to get a car that does the same but not one guaranty of road-worthiness? So now I am back to a truck and a truck with a camper on it.

Somebody likes Fords and Mercurys

How much is the doggy in the window?


…and there’s always old reliable

The Grand Marquis wagon came from somewhere up north around Longmont and we parked it at Fred’s while we cleaned the glass enough to get it to Thornton. I had it up to 130 mph on I-25 and it ran just like it had never missed a car-wash. The 429 ended up in the super-cruiser. That’s because it wouldn’t fit in a 96 Tracer. Oh well.

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