Why does humankind desire freedom and liberty? In opposition to God’s Economy, much of mankind still labors under the imposed rules and laws of an unequal economy without knowing why. We are either free to choose or not. In America our choices diminish by the minute today. What was originally a foundation based upon principles... Continue Reading →


 When we planned for a drive to see more of the Four Corners, the road above The Valley of the Gods looked perfect. We entered on the Bluff side from US Highway 163, heading into Mexican Hat and Monument Valley.Ten vertical drop-offs from the lower road to the top, switch back and forth to the... Continue Reading →

The Hooha Verona Crisis

Aren't you glad you're breathing fresher air today! One of the greater benefits of living in 2020 is more than vision. Now that many of us get to stay home and watch the cat molt, it's less disturbing than I thought it might be. We have new little horses running in the wild at our... Continue Reading →

I am Weiner

Do not ever kick an amoeba in the leg. First of all they are way too fast for fat old folks like me. Then there's a problem I have with my medication that makes my eyes focus on things that are not there sometimes. In the dark it's really bad. So, I heard a cat... Continue Reading →

Till We Meet Again

I've put this off for a week. It's May 29, 2018 on a nice Tuesday early evening at the Church Avenue alley. Tomorrow morning I'm headed to pick-up Lula at her sister's place in Teec. She has been down there since before the funeral. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.This morning I went in to... Continue Reading →

I’m Me

I am Happy I am not overwhelmed. Why do this? It's fun and I canYou'd like to know how you can do it too Later we'll make some fudge Answer me This Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal? I keep a journal too. And I've been doing it for more... Continue Reading →


In a month the vernal equinox will have passed and we have the first Sunday of April, which is the 1st of April. So, I have nothing better to do than add up what I've been doing since my last blog, last year.Most of my fun so far came when I was driving back and... Continue Reading →

Great Year for Everything

2017 IN PHOTOS YUMMY Fresh from Carbondale My mother a little sister at Becky Jo's office It's Alive, Again! While I was there, I figured a new boat motor was good idea. Then, Mark and company brought over to run it in Ridgway Reservoir. It runs great! But, I baptized my phone and had to... Continue Reading →


I have withdrawal symptoms when I don't get to see any of the grand-kids. Michelle just stopped over to pick up Jeanel and Thomas. Micah is driving now.  Ruby Red (Briar) is growing up too fast! The summer is coming along as is anyway.The trip to Denver was really uneventful back and forth. My first... Continue Reading →

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