Two Great Government Institutions

Social Security has done it again. This time they had help from the US Postal Service. But it’s going to be okay if I:

  1. Pray (Trust that God knows what He’s doing)
  2. Keep my side of the street clean
  3. Help others

Soon I’ll get the payments due delivered to the right address. Meanwhile I have to put my pile together and expose it to the right sources. Hopefully after Monday I can get some relief. But this could have be taken care of two months ago.

In November last year I received and returned all the applications I was told to and got confirmation that my disability checks would start on the third Wednesday of the month. Social Security had my post office box number. They sent both back payments to the box and that was the last I heard from them.

I ran out of two medications last November. Try getting a prescription for Elavil and Tramadol written by an emergency room doctor. Personally I try to stay out of emergency rooms. This needs to be taken care of now, though. So I called for an appointment with my doctor and unless I paid them $50 on the outstanding account of $400 plus $50 for the office visit, they wouldn’t let me through the door.

Well I was worried (not me, referring to number one above) and made the decision to call Social Services in Montrose County for help. I received the 52 page form for Medicaid yesterday and filled it out. After I got a haircut (that happens when you hang out in barber shops) I drove to Social Security just to check on where everything was headed with my disability and Medicare.

The guy at the SS Office was very helpful and pulled up my number really fast and said the checks had been returned and wanted to confirm the address. I told him emphatically that we have already been through this because I do not get home mail delivery. I have a post office box, remember? He looked at it again and said my address was still on Lot Avenue in Montrose. I haven’t lived there for almost two years!

Now it’s going to take Social Security another Act of Congress to reprint the returned checks, get my monthly payments back on schedule and print a couple of Medicare Cards. Get a look at Medicare and You 2010 and see if it makes any sense to you. And we are going to let WHO take over health care? Give me another break!

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