Adventures At Lot Avenue

This morning I took Gary to make his rounds paying bills and so forth. We stopped at the glass shop, got a quote for a new windshield for the Tracer then went to The 7th Judicial Court Probation Department. I talked with an old friend for a minute and she introduced me to Carol Warner, the Chief Probation Officer for the 7th Judicial District of Colorado. We have meetings locally combining law enforcement, school district representatives, business owners, concerned parents and me. I added 35 names to my database of contacts for the Community Corrections Team. Carol now has my email and the location of the website for Wayward Sheep. It would really be nice if I could stop fretting the small stuff like funding for the Lot Avenue Home. But things are really tight right now. I have hunting coming up in a few weeks and there remains more to do here than I have time to do by myself. Donnie goes into the hospital Monday for his feeding tube and a swallow test to see how he’s going to make it through the chemo. Michelle just stopped by for a second to use the can and I am sitting here watching Ice Age the Meltdown. I was well fed today (for a change) and I didn’t take a drink. (Strange that I didn’t even think about it till now.) That brings me to the whole point of this. When I was standing in the hall at the Justice Center this morning talking to Linda Vanderpool I remembered where I was just five years ago. Nice to be able to do more than remember now. I certainly do not want to live like that or feel like that ever again. And I don’t have to anymore if I don’t want to. So be it.

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