IT’S NOT A 69 – IT’S A 70

It's called rust. It never sleeps. But I have a cure for it.A little siding from one of the garage projects and it's good to go.   Neo has no clue what he's doing. He's a real dog. How about some rust and stain blocker? It's almost a hundred degrees out there right now and I'm indoors with only... Continue Reading →

Still Recovering

Twice in the last four days I've taken the truck for a ride into the City of Montrose. Olathe is just a town in case anyone asks. I forgot how fun that truck is to drive. So here's the status of this year's project.I've broken the glass on the dash twice now. First time I... Continue Reading →

1939 Girl’s Schwinn

 This is my winter project. I have about four hours into tearing it down and scrounging parts. The reason for the picture of a sprocket and chain is simple to me but I wonder how many people know the difference by looking. This is called a "skip tooth" because they were made for smoother pedaling.... Continue Reading →

1969 Schwinn Collegiate

The Schwinn only needs fenders now. I have them clinging to paint right now but need to get the brackets mounted first. The wheels are from a men's road bike. I had to change brakes so the smaller wheels work. Oh, and the zebra just stood there through the whole thing....and it is finished  see... Continue Reading →

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