Great Year for Everything

2017 IN PHOTOS YUMMY Fresh from Carbondale My mother a little sister at Becky Jo's office It's Alive, Again! While I was there, I figured a new boat motor was good idea. Then, Mark and company brought over to run it in Ridgway Reservoir. It runs great! But, I baptized my phone and had to... Continue Reading →

Phoenix Trip

Nine hours down and ten hours back. First stop was Dolores. Too bad it won't stay like that much longer. But we always say if you don't like the weather in Colorado stick around a few minutes. I just rode up to Grand Junction with Dave Mossburg to get his mutt. It's snowing on Pinon... Continue Reading →

I’m A Mormon

For a Christmas night this is very comforting. Tomorrow I can renew my covenant and be amongst my brothers and sister singing and sharing the Gospel of Christ according to the Plan of Salvation. It is given freely to all who seek. This past year has been the greatest yet and I am full to... Continue Reading →

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