Gas or electric: No Tricks Here Please

Where's the CO2 Going?I noticed someone made the comment that all things equal we could save the environment of 8.7 tons of carbon dioxide throughout the life of a battery powered vehicle. I have one question on this whole subject: How far could I go from Montrose to Gunnison before I ran out of juice?... Continue Reading →

Where does gasoline tax go?

Gasoline Taxes Vs. Exxon Profit, Per GallonYou might have to read a little more here than wanted but I cannot contain it any longer. Ever wonder about how much a gallon of gas costs and why so high? This is your answer and it might be worth a bad case of the jaws to discover... Continue Reading →

Global Warming

Fith underling cause for consternationObserved changes in climate and its effects.It has been observed that it gets real cold in the winter and pretty hot (well not real pretty but pretty enough for us cowboys) out here in the western wastelands during the summer months. It seems as though it snows in the winter, some... Continue Reading →

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