This Can’t Be Happening Again

Dave Mossburg stopped over this afternoon to tell me we are going to watch a sunset tomorrow evening and to bring your own dinner. I still have a venison steak or two left. That should be good. Then he said something about not liking Ford trucks because 9 out of 10 sold in Phoenix had... Continue Reading →

The Unibody Will Live Again

I know Dave thinks it a waste of time and I know he wouldn't give $50 for this. But he also thinks they film all of Google Earth in a Hollywood studio. I was a little disheartened when I walked past it at Buck's and didn't even recognize it. The last 13 years were not... Continue Reading →

Phoenix Trip

Nine hours down and ten hours back. First stop was Dolores. Too bad it won't stay like that much longer. But we always say if you don't like the weather in Colorado stick around a few minutes. I just rode up to Grand Junction with Dave Mossburg to get his mutt. It's snowing on Pinon... Continue Reading →

We took a little trip to Phoenix yesterday. It only took 9 hours.┬áSo our second stop in Dolores looked nice enough for a color pic. The road over Lizardhead was wet and it did spit a little sleet but four hours later I had the air conditioning turned on.After all -- what good is a... Continue Reading →

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