Tiger or Something Like it

Now I need to find parts to put this one together. The kids at the Catholic Church behind me watched while I painted this. They got a kick out of it. I got a lot done today until I stopped getting a lot done about ten minutes ago. The lesson for tomorrow is ready. The... Continue Reading →

Free Cat

I'm sorry. I can't help it. I saw a black cat tear across Highway 50 atĀ LasalleĀ Road on the trip into Montrose this afternoon and wished I had my camera. I don't know how he made it across all four lanes and the median as fast as he did. Besides, he was jay-walking and the CSP... Continue Reading →

More Kitty Litter

Why do I have a cat? That's really not a proper question because nobody has a cat. At least not like you could, for instance, have a cow. Cats have you. Cats have you like you don't catch a forty pound lake trout. A lake trout comes up from the deep to see if it... Continue Reading →

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