Tiger or Something Like it

Now I need to find parts to put this one together. The kids at the Catholic Church behind me watched while I painted this. They got a kick out of it. I got a lot done today until I stopped getting a lot done about ten minutes ago. The lesson for tomorrow is ready. The... Continue Reading →

1939 Girl’s Schwinn

 This is my winter project. I have about four hours into tearing it down and scrounging parts. The reason for the picture of a sprocket and chain is simple to me but I wonder how many people know the difference by looking. This is called a "skip tooth" because they were made for smoother pedaling.... Continue Reading →

Chinese Welding Trick

If I had the time and temperament to take another picture I'd show how well the Chinese can weld tube steel. This is a sorry excuse for a bike but since most 10 year-olds will never look at the welding I'll not waste my time with it either. This is a Pacific, boy's 5 speed. I spent about... Continue Reading →

1969 Schwinn Collegiate

The Schwinn only needs fenders now. I have them clinging to paint right now but need to get the brackets mounted first. The wheels are from a men's road bike. I had to change brakes so the smaller wheels work. Oh, and the zebra just stood there through the whole thing....and it is finished  see... Continue Reading →

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