Goodbye to the green machine

The 96 Tracer has a new owner. Yesterday I was prepping the car for a trip to Denver. Elle and Adam Lloyd were going to ride with Alvie and me to find a car. After I loaded tools, rotated tires and made it clean, a thought came to me. Why drive 285 miles in a... Continue Reading →


 Besides leaving my fishing rod at the lake it was a nice day last Saturday for a fishing trip to the secret location. Mike ran back up and got my rod back. I've never caught more than two fish a trip at this place but I threw back four and kept these two. The light... Continue Reading →

Cleanup 2013

Yes a messI started before it really got hot last week.It's getting somewhereStill beforeIt did look foreboding but you know I like the challenge.The little 302Somewhere in this there's a 454 that was attached to that short tail 400More of the mess with a turbo-400 and Samira Now I'm getting somewhereGood enough!And now it's hot, windy... Continue Reading →

Still Recovering

Twice in the last four days I've taken the truck for a ride into the City of Montrose. Olathe is just a town in case anyone asks. I forgot how fun that truck is to drive. So here's the status of this year's project.I've broken the glass on the dash twice now. First time I... Continue Reading →

The Ford Collection

 There's the color. That's cherry red and real gloss white. A couple of hours ago I got two kids looking for bike parts to help push the Fairmont back into the drive.The old 302 has a bent rod from the number four hole. I'll get it back together soon so the Fairmont can move again. This... Continue Reading →

Man's Second Best FriendI know I've had stranger pets like the skunk and Deputy Dog (I think he was psychotic) and the turtle that the kids thought was dead so they buried him. But this little guy came in to say hi, hopped back into the laundry room and waited for the Mr. Alexander Alouicious... Continue Reading →

This Can’t Be Happening Again

Dave Mossburg stopped over this afternoon to tell me we are going to watch a sunset tomorrow evening and to bring your own dinner. I still have a venison steak or two left. That should be good. Then he said something about not liking Ford trucks because 9 out of 10 sold in Phoenix had... Continue Reading →

Ford Truck

Who wants to hear the story behind this truck? Those who know me are more than aware of how long this has been around. When Dave Mossburg and I got to Shiprock to pick it up I was a little disappointed with the rust. But inbetween the Jeeps I'm working on now, I have found... Continue Reading →

One piece at a time

What can I say? It has a lot of rust. A little bit at a time will get it done. I have a cherry picker coming next week. I need to pull the 4.0 liter from the Jeep, get the other one from Gary Messano's Jeep and then take the 302 out of the truck.... Continue Reading →

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