Home on the Range — er In the Alley

Robert Redford is on my TV in a Twilight Zone episode. Happy New Year! The dog whined most of last night. I looked on CO Trip dot org for the road report and all of the roads in Colorado are dry; except of course for the alley outside my window. Snow packed and not sanded... Continue Reading →

Goodbye to the green machine

The 96 Tracer has a new owner. Yesterday I was prepping the car for a trip to Denver. Elle and Adam Lloyd were going to ride with Alvie and me to find a car. After I loaded tools, rotated tires and made it clean, a thought came to me. Why drive 285 miles in a... Continue Reading →


Soon yellow leaves and all the rabbit brush will not have the amount of sunlight needed to produce chlorophyll. Know what that means? Two and a half months from now I will begin the daily trek to a dollar Store for all the candy corn in the world. Yes, it is a contest.All that aside,... Continue Reading →

Why I Live Here

Census of 2010 show Olathe, Colorado population as 1810. Therein find proof that I am not as dumb as I look. Olathe sits between Delta and Montrose. I live behind the Catholic Churches' playground on South Church Avenue. There are four churches within walking distance from here. There is a ball field just to the... Continue Reading →

Ouray Hot Springs

The Delta Summer School at Lake Lenore north of Ouray. Dave and his brother Dick grabbed some breakfast before we went up to town.When it's 100 in Olathe it is nice to swim in 88 degree water. It was a nice day for a ride to Ouray. I could almost hear the snow melting.Now that... Continue Reading →


 Besides leaving my fishing rod at the lake it was a nice day last Saturday for a fishing trip to the secret location. Mike ran back up and got my rod back. I've never caught more than two fish a trip at this place but I threw back four and kept these two. The light... Continue Reading →

It has been awhile

Seminary is going okay. Retirement isn't in the works yet.The dog got fixed. He now resembles the cat in the same fashion. The cat has adjusted. The dog has problems.But he is still cute. So now that the daylight is passing away earlier each evening, it is time to come inside from the driveway and... Continue Reading →

Way to Go DMV

Of course the brake lights don't work. Come back on the third Friday 13th next millennium!My permit to drive, issued in Colorado, is good for three years. I just need anyone 21 or older with me. Hair color and gender not so important. My appointment on Tuesday was changed to Monday on Tuesday. I know. You're... Continue Reading →

The Big Questionnaire  Wasn't too long ago we filed for a 501-3C Not-for-Profit for Wayward Sheep and Goats. When I heard about the I.R.S. asking for more information regarding certain applications with phrases that might become troublesome for certain political candidates and their ability to dupe the public, I figured I should check it out. I... Continue Reading →

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