2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee4.7 HOWith everything else going on today I thought it proper to take a few moments to show off my aches and pains. This is the first one of these I've done.It's a 45FRE 4-Speed automaticReal Filter and Valve Body AssemblyComing OutIt's quite the job to get it out. So I had... Continue Reading →


Whatever your problems, there is always somebody who has it twice as good as you and that should get you motivated enough to move. But I really do not feel up to anything at the moment. And it's okay. I was lucky to get my meds lined out for the coming week.I ordered a new... Continue Reading →

70 Chevy Update

Had to pick the slowest computer but it's sitting in front of me with a movie on the tube while I listen to my favorite youtube music.Here's the latest pix of the truck. It can't hurt that's better at least it's clean fiber glass is our friend the interior goes back in tomorrow too many mosquitoes tonightyes, it's a Chevy

IT’S NOT A 69 – IT’S A 70

It's called rust. It never sleeps. But I have a cure for it.A little siding from one of the garage projects and it's good to go.   Neo has no clue what he's doing. He's a real dog. How about some rust and stain blocker? It's almost a hundred degrees out there right now and I'm indoors with only... Continue Reading →

Gettin There

 Dog Won't be long now don't know what happened to the alternator bracket so I made one there will be headers in place of the blank space therethat's a p/s pump from the Winnebago so I need to add the reservoir and extra hose flash to the bolt on yokecheck out the drive shaft below the hoodabout 1 inch needs... Continue Reading →

ROUND THREE Bottom is buttoned up Heads installed let's get this going added: one Turbo-400and might as well put it together nowIt's been really hot the past week. Had to get Dave Mossburg to take me in to Home Depot to get a new air compressor. I wound up putting the engine together by hand and without a torque... Continue Reading →

70 Chevy

ROUND THREE  Bottom is buttoned up  Heads installed  let's get this going  added: one Turbo-400 and might as well put it together now It's been really hot the past week. Had to get Dave Mossburg to take me in to Home Depot to get a new air compressor. I wound up putting the engine together... Continue Reading →

4th of July 2016

Got the guys to help stand the bed of the 69 on end then went to the storage and loaded up the 454 and the turbo-400. Here's the proof. Chief Standing Bed Dirty GM Turbo-400 One 454 and a four-barrel manifold The frame is getting thereI still need to get a gasket set - this baby got hot and... Continue Reading →

Project 1969 Chevy

Here I go again. This is a 1969 Chevy C10 long bed, stepside. I got this from Scott Butler earlier this week. It has no engine or transmission but I have the means to fix that.This will be a real rat rod when I'm done. The LWB (long wheel base) stepside bed is pretty rare.... Continue Reading →

Some Days

Where's the lesson in rancor? I hate flies. That's an upgrade from mosquitoes. When we went out to give blessings to a family in need I found a very unpleasant sight upon exit. It looked like one of the dogs had killed three kittens that couldn't have been more than a week old. The ants... Continue Reading →

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