When we planned for a drive to see more of the Four Corners, the road above The Valley of the Gods looked perfect. We entered on the Bluff side from US Highway 163, heading into Mexican Hat and Monument Valley.

Ten vertical drop-offs from the lower road to the top, switch back and forth to the summit, 1300 feet above the valley floor. There were three guys in a loaded Ford of firewood coming down at one of the steepest drop offs. I backed up along the edge to let them by.

The valley is a picture paradise. 

We spent more than an hour driving through and capturing pictures. The road is an easy drive if you take it that way. It was wet and icy coming off the highway but dry all the way through to the end where  the Valley of the Gods Road meets with Utah State Hwy 261.

My idea was to drive up the switch backs, make it to the top where Moki Dugway guarded the valley then drive back to Utah State Highway 95 into Blanding.

It was a little longer drive than I anticipated but well worth it. The difference in elevation from the valley to the Kane Gulch Ranger’s Station is incredible. There’s more than two feet of snow on top and dry as well as warm in the valley.

There was very little traffic. One family passed us after we came in. We saw five other vehicles before making it to the Valley of the Gods  Bed and Breakfast nearly at the end of the road.

We made it into Blanding before 4 PM and ate at A&W before heading home. Somebody in an SUV blew past me in town and made the mistake of tipping off a local cop. No idea what the cop did but if he was passing out speeding tickets he made a good stop with that one.

We have to go back to Blanding for my glasses this week. I’d like to go back through Comb Ridge on Highway 95 and begin my search for ruins in that part of the Four Corners.

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