Till We Meet Again

I’ve put this off for a week. It’s May 29, 2018 on a nice Tuesday early evening at the Church Avenue alley. Tomorrow morning I’m headed to pick-up Lula at her sister’s place in Teec. She has been down there since before the funeral. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.
This morning I went in to see my PA Dan Burnell. He re-wrote two of my meds. I also got to talk to Lindell about some of the events of recent months: namely, April and May.

As I write from Teec Nos Pos Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, two years have past since last I was ready to post this. Here’s how all is working today: It’s very difficult at this present moment. Our nephew Chris had a heart related death last Saturday. He and Thomas are together now and get to witness from the other side of the veil. Lula had dreams of Chris night before last and, she’s always talking to or with Thomas. I was dreaming of Michelle night before last. She was still a little girl — my little smurffer girl.

Thomas has a new grand-daughter name Charley. She is a chunky little burrito but she’s growing so fast. We would love to drive up the roadway to Montrose, Olathe, Delta and Grand Junction to visit but, this god-forsaken Verona Crisis is getting ridicules.

Charley Bean

I am only able to work from the church building here. We have no electricity still and we are still hauling our own water. Imagine what it must have been like back in the Depression except we have food and some semblance of normal life without the madhouses in urban populations

So, I have some news I just found on the patient portal I’ve signed up with at Utah Navajo Health System in Blanding/Montezuma Creek. Utah. I have cirrhosis of the liver and kidney problems. There’s a few other things wrong with me but that’s for later. Right now, I feel fine except for  the “chronic pain syndrome” the health professionals try to describe from their points of view. Me? It hurts; all the time; and I don’t think it’s going away any time soon.

I’ve been digging a large hole where I plan to put a garage with a grease pit. There are very strange rocks when going through the layers of earth, metamorphosed rocks of every kind and even some uranium and iron deposits. Imagine that my, geologist son has said. This was once a riverbed; with two ton boulders made of pre-Cambrian Metamorphic rocks. I’m almost past six feet. It has take more than a year to mark off a 24′ X 30′ excavation and clear away the rocks to just 2 feet at the least and six feet in the middle. Pictures will come soon enough. The garage, however, will be later I’m sure.

The WiFi here is atrocious. It takes my phone an hour to update gmail. Meanwhile, here’s the bigger issue bothering me right now. There’s a bus load of terrorists running around in the back of my brain.  I think it’s that nerve cell #54. Anyway, being sober and living with unfinished business is dangerous and very unhealthy. My calling requires more attention than I can give right now. We have twenty to twenty-five members of the church nearby who we would visit if not for the quarantine here on the Rez. Lula’s sister, Ernestine, is a paramedic and she gets to transport the sick and elderly every day. I am beginning to feel helpless, as if there’s something more needs doing.

So, here I am at the point of feeling again and I all I can think of is myself! Go figure!

When this calamity is finished, another will come anyway. I trust God in all I say and do because I know I have been sent here, not to do my will, but, to do what the Lord wants me to do. And what’s important right now is gathering the Lost Tribes of Israel and bringing them back into the fold. That’s all.

I told Dave Mossburg again yesterday to read The Book of Mormon. He can go to any Baptist church or gathering of a few humble servants of the Lord and still read the Book of Mormon. We all can. Everyone, read your lesson from Come follow Me. Stay in touch with the Spirit. He will guide you in all you say and all you were sent here to do. We are all in this together so, don’t forget where you or I have come from so we know where we are right now and know where we want to go today and forever.

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