In a month the vernal equinox will have passed and we have the first Sunday of April, which is the 1st of April. So, I have nothing better to do than add up what I’ve been doing since my last blog, last year.
Most of my fun so far came when I was driving back and forth to Red Mesa, Arizona on the Rez. The white knight has been on the road more this year than anything I’ve driven for ten years. The transmission is holding out well but, I need to figure out the racket in the front end. Now that it’s warming some, I’ll be able to move some things around in the driveway and work on it.
This year, I finished Jesus the Christ and started on The Book of Mormon again. We have new curriculum this year in Sunday School and Priesthood/Relief Society. We have not been to the temple yet this year.
Thomas and Jeanel are still spending time at home in the camper. They’re not here today but may be coming back tomorrow or Sunday. Michelle just sent a video of Miss Navajo from 2000-2001. Mike and Stephanie have a one year old and Kevin and Alex have two cute kids of their own.
Lula has kept herself preoccupied with upcoming events out of her control. It’s not fun watching. It’s nice to have my own time killers for trips to Wally World, that still take three to four hours. The Samsung S5 isn’t working well, though. It needs a battery which can be purchased online for less than ten bucks but, costs up to forty-five bucks in Montrose or Grand Junction. I really need it fixed.
We haven’t had much snow down here this year. But, it’s just now the 2nd of March and we have until the middle of May before I’ll be concerned. The house plants are well.
Then there is a big deal I call government. It is screwed-up big time. About the only solution I see involves fire, earthquakes and nerve gas. Could be a visit to The Black Canyon is in my future.
There is so much to report on the things that are wrong, it would be easier to say very little is right. That will suffice.
Now for the pictures.

Lil’ Red



Thank goodness there was a floor under it.

Much Better!

Last days of February — a Tuesday trip to the Rez
It was a good day for a ride.

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