Great Year for Everything


Fresh from Carbondale
My mother a little sister at Becky Jo’s office
It’s Alive, Again! While I was there, I figured a new boat motor was good idea. Then, Mark and company brought over to run it in Ridgway Reservoir. It runs great! But, I baptized my phone and had to get another one. We just went down there Saturday afternoon to see if it made it to the dock or shore. Guess it’ll be frozen in a few more weeks.
The white knight made to Denver and back without any problems even with the transmission problem. But, that is solved know. It didn’t want to take off in second or third and the overdrive didn’t work properly.  This is at the shop in Arvada where the boat motor landed into the boat. Go figure

At one point I had three vehicles running again
Briar and Thomas are bosom buddy’s
Made a couple of trips to Monticello with another planned for in the morning
We have a true celebrity in the family
Uncompahgre Ward Dutch Oven Party
Bentley James Brink turned 1
Kinley and Bentley
 The white knight got a transmission that works
Colorful Colorado and the Delta Meetinghouse
Freida Purper’s Jeep got a good transmission, too.
The new Ft. Collins Temple is beautiful. I got to go through an endowment session with my mother

So, I survived another 11 months so far. Chances are pretty good I’ll make it through a few more.

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