I have withdrawal symptoms when I don’t get to see any of the grand-kids. Michelle just stopped over to pick up Jeanel and Thomas. Micah is driving now.  Ruby Red (Briar) is growing up too fast! The summer is coming along as is anyway.

The trip to Denver was really uneventful back and forth. My first stop was at Peak Elevator. The boat was in there when I arrived. The four cylinder Chevy was in place, too.

We ran it back to the hacienda Saturday and spent the week lookinng at it until I couldn’t stay out of it by Saturday. We got a little cooler weather for a few days but got the motor fired up on Saturday. It sounds good and ready.

Henry and Mark did a good job of getting it cleaned and prepped for the lake. I’m waiting to hear from Mark shortly to see when he wants to get it onto the lake. Blue Mesa is looking good right now.

I went with my mother to the Ft. Collins Temple the 28th of June. Then I got to visit Jerry at Carol’s and his new home in western Greeley. It was a wonderful drive and it was lovely to be with my mother at the new temple.

Cheryl and I got to talking about the Scotchman on Federal in Denver. That’s where we’d hang out when school was out. Cheryl’s mother was born in the house that was there before 1952.

There are more pictures (plenty more), but I’m too lazy right now to take the time to load them. I’ve been playing musical cars and trucks this past week. Right now the 61 is backed into the drive for brakes. Thomas helped put the correct shoes on the rear last night. Monday we can do the front shoes. I put the smaller, wrong shoes onto the back last May. Now the 3 inch shoes are on the rear and the fronts shoes, which are half an inch narrower will work well. None of the shoes were worth anything when I started so, it now has good ones on the rear.

I had the 89 Ford running Thursday evening. Then I went to move it back onto the street and it barely made it to its new home, now, behind the white knight. The little green Mercury is ready for the bone yard. The Bollingers got the front and alley side of the apartment painted. It looks really good now.

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