2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee
4.7 HO

With everything else going on today I thought it proper to take a few moments to show off my aches and pains. This is the first one of these I’ve done.

It’s a 45FRE 4-Speed automatic

Real Filter and Valve Body Assembly

Coming Out

It’s quite the job to get it out. So I had Freida help put it back in place. Makee came over yesterday to help, too. It’s still not back in yet but we’ll get back to it Monday. Don Christensen was nice enough to let us use his shop. Lot’s of work but it will be nice when she gets it back running.
My neck and back and shoulder and hands (hands especially) are really sore today. Tomorrow we’re going to the Monticello Temple. I’ll get pictures for when we get back. 

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