IT’S NOT A 69 – IT’S A 70

It’s called rust. It never sleeps. But I have a cure for it.

A little siding from one of the garage projects and it’s good to go.

 Neo has no clue what he’s doing. He’s a real dog.

 How about some rust and stain blocker? 

It’s almost a hundred degrees out there right now and I’m indoors with only a borrowed fan for a cooler. But it could be worse. I could be in the jungle and that’s no fun at all.
I’m still waiting on a few parts to get this thing running. It needs an oil filter housing to replace the cooler housing that came on it. They do that a lot with crate engines installed in motor homes. I need to get cooler lines installed. The u-joints on my home-made drive shaft have the wrong caps for the yoke on the transmission.

For all of the rust and cleanup needed, I think this is going to surprise even me once it’s all together. I have enough sheet metal to cover up most of the holes. Then, I need to come up with an accelerator cable. There’s not enough room behind the valve cover to put the original back on.
Lastly, it’s going to cost to put headers onto this 454. I found them for $100 with collectors and all the bolts. The factory manifolds are worth more than that. But I’d also like to get an intake for the spread bore carb. It still needs a freeze plug, oil and transmission fluid, oil filter, transmission cooler, and few assorted things like a couple of hoses and spacers for the alternator. I’ll work on the body/exterior and interior sheet metal as well as the drive line while I wait for parts. It has been fun if not downright hot but that’s how it goes.  We can do this.

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