Bottom is buttoned up
 Heads installed
 let’s get this going
 added: one Turbo-400
and might as well put it together now

It’s been really hot the past week. Had to get Dave Mossburg to take me in to Home Depot to get a new air compressor. I wound up putting the engine together by hand and without a torque wrench. But I worked on the truck all week long, in the afternoon after the shade took over and managed to get the sucker installed. I pulled out the cross member and had to cut the rivets off so it would go into the frame easier. There are holes in the frame in the right place already.

There’s the dead air tank. I’m going to add it to the system for more storage. 
and there’s the cross member 

 that’s a tight fit
and it’s even tighter on the driver’s side
I’ll work on getting it running this week. My budget has no room for this but it’ll fetch a good payday when it’s up and running. I’m going to have to put a different accelerator pedal on it. Everything else fits right into place except the drive shaft. It’s going to take a trick for that but I’ll find the fix.

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