4th of July 2016

Got the guys to help stand the bed of the 69 on end then went to the storage and loaded up the 454 and the turbo-400. Here’s the proof.
 Chief Standing Bed
 Dirty GM Turbo-400
 One 454 and a four-barrel manifold
 The frame is getting there
I still need to get a gasket set – this baby got hot and blew a freeze plug.
After looking over it all I think all it needs a freeze plug.
This is going to be nice when it’s running.
I have to get engine mounts for this truck.
They didn’t put big blocks into them until 72 and this is a 69.
But this whole project is made simple just by removing the front clip and the bed.
Well, Perry Mason won again and Dennis Weaver is being executed on the Twilight Zone once again.

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