Project 1969 Chevy

Here I go again. This is a 1969 Chevy C10 long bed, stepside. I got this from Scott Butler earlier this week. It has no engine or transmission but I have the means to fix that.

This will be a real rat rod when I’m done. The LWB (long wheel base) stepside bed is pretty rare. At first I thought it was a short box.

It needs a little body work but nothing serious. The windshield needs replaced and there is some cancerous metal on it. I have a little sheet metal work to do on it. 

It shouldn’t take more than $1000 to get it onto the street. It has power steering and if  want, I’ll replace the front drum brakes out for power disk brakes. I still have the booster and master cylinder from the motor home I took the engine and transmission out of. 

Trailing arms and shocks are all good. If you didn’t know, the use of trailing arm suspensions is much better for the ride than leaf springs. That’s what is used on NASCAR race cars. My neighbor, Bob, helped remove the bed as far as we could. When the boys get over here to help I’ll get them to stand it up then go over to the storage unit and get the BBC (big block Chevy) loaded onto Dave’s little Ford Ranger. 
I will have to make a drive shaft for the Turbo 400 that’s going behind the 454.
It’s going to be fun until the sun scorches my head.
 With the front clip off I can get into the nooks, crannies and forbidden zones to scrap off the cheese.
 The front brake shoes need replaced. But all of the bushings, tie rod ends, idler arm, ball joints, and control arms are in pretty good shape other than a little rust.
 There’s a lot of cancer underneath the front clip corners. The floor pan is pretty nasty, too. I just pulled the seat out a few minutes ago so I can get into the cab floor. I’ll get a picture later.
It’s hot out there today.
 The cylinder heads are cleaned and ready for assembly.
It needs a seat cover and dash pad. But the door handle button popped back into place all by itself while I was pulling out the seat.

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