Some Days

Where’s the lesson in rancor? I hate flies. That’s an upgrade from mosquitoes. When we went out to give blessings to a family in need I found a very unpleasant sight upon exit. It looked like one of the dogs had killed three kittens that couldn’t have been more than a week old. The ants and flies were hard at work.
If the rest of the world would just pay attention, all would be as it should. That’s why the fly swatter is coming out of the closet. Did I mention I hate flies!
Well, I’m going to the park in about 45 minutes to help with a lesson by our Sister Missionaries. I did find the phone charger for the truck. I have spares but this one is coiled.
The government is no longer for the people. The government is for the government. Every student must be comfortable enough to allow green marshmallows to share the bathroom with left-handed lizards. I still don’t like flies.
I have another project ready to go after Scott gets the parts he wants out of the back. I thought that truck was a short bed but he says it’s not.

But it’s okay no matter what. I need more debt. And did I already say I hate flies?

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