Home on the Range — er In the Alley

Robert Redford is on my TV in a Twilight Zone episode. Happy New Year! The dog whined most of last night. I looked on CO Trip dot org for the road report and all of the roads in Colorado are dry; except of course for the alley outside my window. Snow packed and not sanded rules for it and the remainder of the streets in Montrose and Olathe. But when it warms up in a few months the fish will be jumping in the pot holes. If the hardware store is open tomorrow (it will be, unlike the credit union yesterday) I’ll get another can of foam insulation for the truck cab. A jack-rabbit tried jumping in while we were in motion a couple of days ago. I can’t feel my toes anyway but there are some who still can and they have complained about all of the leaks. Didn’t realize Tommy Lee Jones was young once and made a black and white appearance on Rod Serling’s famous show. So in the words of the immortal hero, Dustin Hoffman, “Now what!” More executive actions from Washington D.C. will suspend criminal behavior by criminals and prevent the other 28 people in the nation who don’t own a firearm from harming you or me. Sticks and stone might break bones but a real nuclear threat from Iran is imminent. Imagine my surprise, Tommy Lee isn’t that old after all. That wasn’t him on The Twilight Zone. Circus Peanuts and vanilla Coke will help with my weight issues. Last time I stepped onto the scales the slide rule went to 80 before it leveled out. I will be 64 this year if I survive another 140 days.

snow-packed dog
Poof! Your somebody till nobody loves you.

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