Way to Go DMV

Of course the brake lights don’t work. Come back on the third Friday 13th next millennium!
My permit to drive, issued in Colorado, is good for three years. I just need anyone 21 or older with me. Hair color and gender not so important. My appointment on Tuesday was changed to Monday on Tuesday. I know. You’re trying to read too much into this but it’s the truth. It really started 3 years ago on my birthday when the Department of revenue asked for an extra $95 from me because they said I was late on my insurance by one day in 1877 and I don’t remember much back that far but I gave them the $95 anyway and it took until August of this year to get it straightened out. I took the written test, got in line for a drive test and they said my insurance was not specifically for the car I was driving. It’s good for “ANYTHING I drive! I got a print out for my broker in ten minutes. But they said it was too late and I needed to make another appointment for my driving skills test. The appointment was made for September 13th, a Friday of course. I showed up half an hour before and waited in line for an hour. When we went to the car I thought this is too easy. The tester took my insurance card and registration then checked out my lights. The brake lights didn’t work! I said of course they don’t. I can’t have a license!
So I got another appointment for October 23rd at 2:00 PM. I called on Tuesday to confirm the date and time and I’m glad I did because she said it was correct and I got everything together again and pulled in half an hour early. Took it all to head of the local department behind the Big Bad Counter and the big bad whatever she was said I missed my appointment and said there was  no way I made an appointment with them. I pulled up my cell phone, hit the redial and her phone rang! She checked again and said I was scheduled to test on Tuesday the 22nd. What was really funny to me was no one was waiting in line. In fact the place was empty. But she heard the phone ring and knew there was a mistake of some kind so she checked again for my name and found it. Finally, I was getting somewhere. Somebody took my name off the list for the 23rd and changed it to the 22nd. I was a day late. They are booked up through December 1st now.
I honestly don’t let this bother anymore. I tell my proteges it’s their choice – they can be right or they can be happy. Sometimes you can even be both. But not if your brake lights don’t work. By the way, there was nothing wrong with my brake lights. This all took place the way it did because my acceptance has taken a couple of body blows the last month or two. But just like the mania of the Brady Bill of 1994, too many chiefs have no idea what the Indians want or even need. This was all taken care of in 1996 and I still have no idea how to purge false accusations let alone prosecutions on the same basis.
But I have a great idea! Everybody, stop renewing your licenses (all licenses) and don’t ever send the department of grand theft another nickel. How long can we allow out of control spending by our government to demand more from us. And lastly, where do your taxes go? If you can find a little of it would you please give me the phone number or address? I can’t seem to find either.

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