Gas or electric: No Tricks Here Please

Where’s the CO2 Going?
I noticed someone made the comment that all things equal we could save the environment of 8.7 tons of carbon dioxide throughout the life of a battery powered vehicle. I have one question on this whole subject: How far could I go from Montrose to Gunnison before I ran out of juice? It’s 60 miles. But you gain and lose 2 to 3 thousand feet in elevation twice to get there. There are two generating stations along the way, both part of Curecanti on the Gunnison River. I venture to admit my lack of understanding about what goes on in the District of Columbia if only the inhabitants of the District of Columbia will admit they know very little if anything at all about Montrose or Gunnison Colorado. Any Takers?
I revert to the bumper sticker in my previous posts:

Ration Government
Not Gas
I’ll take my chances with the 35 mile to the gallon 17 year old Mercury Tracer I drive. If it really gets bad I’ll go back to this –
I should be ashamed
but I’m not

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