9:30 PM

Paul Ryan just finished speaking a few minutes ago so I waited for Fox to give their summation of his speech then jumped right straight onto Drudge. Did you know the 1956 Ford Crown Victoria sold for $2,164 with the plexiglass roof or $60 cheaper without? Would’ve bought two if I’d known they were going for a little more than that today. And how about the Rockies? I haven’t been up to see them yet but they moved to Grand Junction this summer. Doesn’t seem like it helped either. Well, Dave Mossburg and I got a quarter of our families visited this month. Might get in one more if I can sneak up on them.
But fall approaches and you know I love this season the best. Bob Esplin dropped a really nice buck in velvet this week. I’ve done little more than stay inside, out of the heat and off the streets. Did you ever get bit on your eyelid by a mosquito? Well, I’ll put a picture of something below this and set it for publication then wait for the royalties while we all wait for the Rockies to make it to the super bowl of baseball, again.

Isaac last night.

Sleep tight. I took my meds and a big gulp of water. 3 AM will come soon enough whether I drink a gallon or four.

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