Still Recovering

Twice in the last four days I’ve taken the truck for a ride into the City of Montrose. Olathe is just a town in case anyone asks. I forgot how fun that truck is to drive. So here’s the status of this year’s project.

I’ve broken the glass on the dash twice now. First time I dropped it on the cab floor while trying to talk on the phone and bounce ping pong balls off the wall with my mouth. Don’t ever swallow one of those things. It really hurts! Twice! I silly-coned the old windshield in for the present so I can drive it down the road without deer or ducks flying through the hole you get when the windshield in not in. The other glass isn’t really necessary yet. I’m not going on any monster truck cruises to Moab or Engineer Pass in the near future or eternity in this truck. I already tried Engineer once. That went worse than the ping pong ball (if anybody cares). So when I put the new glass in the dash I didn’t notice until the next morning that it would have been wise to wait until the morning (when there’s a lot more light than at midnight) to tighten the speedo/instrument cluster onto the remnants of the super glue I used to put the first two broken pieces together so I could blame some one besides the usual suspects of tampering with more than just ballots for County Sheriff.
Meanwhile I’ve managed to get most of the lights in working order, the bumper is in primer, the transfer case has a good rubber mount now and the 302 runs as smooth as a 302 can run when bolted to a 850,000 mile frame that’s seen things even fish can’t understand. I got Dwayne to make another lens for the speedo head this afternoon and I promised myself not to sleep walk out there after midnight and attempt the impossible one more time. For now I’ll watch Hidalgo eat locusts and take my meds with a little ice cream.
Tomorrow I’ll try texting without my glasses and see who all I can alarm with the same message I read this evening in tomorrow’s New York Times: You’re ugly! and if you want another opinion; Your mother dresses you funny!

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