This Can’t Be Happening Again

Dave Mossburg stopped over this afternoon to tell me we are going to watch a sunset tomorrow evening and to bring your own dinner. I still have a venison steak or two left. That should be good. Then he said something about not liking Ford trucks because 9 out of 10 sold in Phoenix had bent frames. Amazingly the rail transport company tied them down too tight and bent all the frames. He found out from his brother who has a friend who worked in a garage who went to buy a new Ford and noticed the wheels didn’t line up front to rear. So, I guess that’s how 9 out of 10 Ford truck frames got bent and drive down the road crooked. I asked him why they didn’t fix them. He doesn’t know. I suppose Ford just figured most folks won’t mind buying a new truck with a bent frame. Next time you’re behind a 73-79 4 wheel drive Chevy pickup, Blazer or Suburban look at the offset on the front wheels on them, too.They are made that way so the rear doesn’t track in the same line. Go figure.
But there’s more. Dave informed me the other day (for about the last time I hope) that he dislikes George Bush more than he hates Fords. He said he watched a movie a few years ago by some guy named Micheal Moore and it had the whole truth about George Bush. I  must’ve missed that one. But it’s all good now. Dave is still convinced Hollywood did the recordings of the back side of the moon. Us humans couldn’t figure out how to open a pickle jar let alone make one if we hadn’t all climbed out of caves at the same time. So figuring how the physical world always works the same way we might be better off if the ancients had not figured out that the stars are too far away to hit with a sling shot. I’d like to take a tennis racket into space and see how far I can hit a golf ball.  Evidently Dave believes we can’t make it past the ozone so I might not get that wish, but how did they get all those satellites up there anyway?

Herbert Spencer is quoted saying:

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance – that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”

I told Dave to do his own research the other day. I already do my own. He didn’t like it because he doesn’t like to read almost as much as he dislikes Fords. So he watches NBC and then tells me how bad the world is because of George Bush and all the bent Ford truck frames running around all over the place. And one more thing – Halliburton is owned by the devil’s ugly step sister.
Please, not again.

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