The Unibody Will Live Again

I know Dave thinks it a waste of time and I know he wouldn’t give $50 for this. But he also thinks they film all of Google Earth in a Hollywood studio. I was a little disheartened when I walked past it at Buck’s and didn’t even recognize it. The last 13 years were not nice to it. But, I see all that is missing is the radiator, one split rim and tire, the headlight (headlight window is in the front seat), the ignition key, an old radio and the primer I put on it 16 years ago. Dave drove from our traffic stop just north of the casino. A Montezuma County Sheriff’s Deputy, who was going to give me a speeding ticket in Towaoc until he discovered my two year expired driver’s license has been suspended since 2010, just made Dave drive and gave me all my papers back with no ticket. I was just happy that the engine, transmission, transfer case, Dana 44 front and Dana 60 4:11 rear is still in it. Dave doesn’t believe anybody would offer what some have for this one. It really needs help though. I will have to strip it down to the frame and completely redo the cab/box. But, first things first. We have a Jeep that needs an engine. I will attempt to get the 302 in the truck to run or tear it apart and clean it – whichever is needed. It will run again. We stopped at the truck in Cortez so Dave could eat a burrito. I had a coke and off we went. 

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