Our Own Universe


I find it more difficult to believe that we on Earth are the only thing living in a universe that probably contains places much better and much worse than where we are right now. It’s really not a problem though because at this time we are so limited to our space exploration that it has taken us fifty years to even consider putting a living being in a ship to send him or her to the next planet out from us. If ever there was something in this world that made me think otherwise I would fold up my tent and head for the hills.

I am always faintly aware that every particle of this world is connected to all of the rest and they are connected to all the rest and so on until I resemble the pin head in a hole of donut that is the size of a Buick LeSabre on the Autobahn in country the size of Nebraska on a planet the size of our solar system in a galaxy far, far away. I learned last night that I am aware too, of a consciousness that maybe this all started yesterday and that tomorrow it will come to an end. But if there was no beginning, how then can there be an end?

I was not too surprised to see that almost 70% of those taking the survey believe there is something out there. For me it is a comfort to realize that even though this place appears to be in a terrible disarray from our use, it still looks pretty good from where I sit. I suppose it is very good for me that I am able to wonder like I do. I know that where I am and who I am is mostly the product of choices I have made. No matter what I have or have not done in the past I would end up right here, right now, typing on this laptop.

I could not believe otherwise.

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