Phoenix Trip

Nine hours down and ten hours back. First stop was Dolores. Too bad it won’t stay like that much longer. But we always say if you don’t like the weather in Colorado stick around a few minutes. I just rode up to Grand Junction with Dave Mossburg to get his mutt. It’s snowing on Pinon Mesa and the West Elks. It was very wet coming back into Delta but we pulled back in before it got too soggy in Olathe.

This is the back yard at Roger and Carol Finnell’s (David’s daughter and son-in-law). I didn’t get pictures of them or their daughters Amber and Laura but they got plenty of Dave and me. The new temple will be less than half a mile in the direction this picture was taken. This is the corner of West 55th and Saguaro. 

We went to the Mesa Temple on Saturday afternoon. As was suggested I didn’t take pictures before doing a session so it was dark by the time we got out. For me this was a dream come true. The first time I saw the Mesa Temple I thought how nice it would be to go there. Took almost 50 years!

Final rest stop coming home. The top of Lizardhead Pass. This is 10,222 feet above sea level plus the short drop off to the highway if you really want to kick start a diesel.

Sometimes the photographer just won’t cooperate!

That was yesterday at 3 PM. I’m willing to gamble there’s more snow on there now and I reckon with the sun down none of it will melt tonight.

So I had a wonderful time with Dave and his family and would take off again right now and do it all over. Next stop for me will be game units 57 and 58. I’ll have more stories and more pictures.

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