Tis The Season

When approaching nearby galaxies it is imperative to keep your limbs inside the vehicle. Around the outer edges of this galaxy (The Milky Way) be certain to observe this admonition explicatively. There are rumors that a flying fat guy dressed in red and white and drawn aloft by Rein Deer may be in orbit nearby sometime after the Winter Solstice. Otherwise, do not attempt to pick up hitchhikers from the 3rd blue marble from the local star in this region. Most occupants of that ball are losers and do not know how to treat each other, let alone strangers. Some of them still think they are being punished for something the Italians did back during the days of Roman rule. The insurance agents also seem to think the worst of all that something bad is going to happen no matter how much you give them. Do not attempt to use chickens for bargaining with them. They will choke, kill and eat them. Go figure.

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