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The Executive Summary


Why the need for a Recovery Home in the Montrose area is not because of any unique or unrealistic reason. Between the court systems, Department of Corrections and the general population, there are at any given time seven to twelve individuals within the City of Montrose who are in a state of desperation and have absolutely nowhere left to go except back to jail or an institution for the mentally ill. Housing for the indigent and / or homeless is not available within the City of Montrose. Many of those released from the jails and prisons are sent to local hotels where they spend the funds received from incarceration on the simple necessities of life and left to fend for themselves against tremendous odds. Obviously the systems involved have demanded more than is capable of these individuals who are not yet ready to move into society with the blanket of hopelessness and despair with which they have been released. For most of them the only alternative to a return to previously held thoughts and ideas which did not work but are the only means left or known to cope with everyday living. Many of then (in fact most of them) will return to the behaviors of the past to violate the stipulations of the systems from which they were released.

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