LDS Newsroom Soul Searching

LDS Newsroom – Church Members Ask Soul-Searching Questions in Media Campaign:

I know the truth about few things until investigation provides the correct information. I well remember growing up with the opportunity to choose either of two things. The big question was always this: Either there is a God or there is not. What’s it going to be?

I too had to search the bus load of terrorists in my mind until I discovered the truth about me. Deep inside of me is a desire, coupled with a willingness, to be and do better today than yesterday. The plain truth about me is that I have a severe, even chronic and destructive, case of terminal uniqueness. So what’s a guy supposed to do about that? Like the man in the video, the magic act of selflessness – namely, asking for help – illuded me until it was almost too late.

It’s been nearly five years since I humbly asked my Father-in-Heaven to remove from me the obstacles which threatened my eternal existence. I am so grateful that He answered that prayer and all those little whimpers I’m still capable of stretching into unsurmountable heights. Afterall, I created the mess that my life turned into. No way I was going to undo it with a bus load of terrorists running the show.

My life is a miracle. I have received more than I can ever give back. This is what I do the best. I’ll stick with it in hope that someone might recognize the truth within themself and carry that message of hope to still others who are searching for a glimpse at reality.

For me it’s very simple today. Dr. Bob, co-founder of Alcholics Anonymous prescribed the remedy.
1. Trust God
2. Clean house
3. Help others

Thank God for all things which keep me secure in the faith that of myself I am nothing. By and through His grace, power and wisdom all things can be mine if I humbly ask for them. He will not let me down.

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