BATF Form 4473

One more time I get to help myself to some more bureaucracy compliments of the Brady Bill and Colorado’s institution of their idea about what’s good for me and everyone else. I did this almost fifteen years ago and was really frustrated. This time I’m not going to allow “them” the privilege of free rent in my head. (It’s already occupied with a bus load of terrorists anyway.) Here’s the deal: I went to Wally World this morning, to give somebody a ride, and decided I needed another rifle for this hunting season coming up. Not a real big deal anymore to fill out a simple form provided by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. But once again I see this totally irrelavant question that I figured had been removed or editted since last I had this problem. Now I’m not positive that I’m not at fault here. But would someone please explain to me why being arrested for something implies conviction?

I’m not in the mood to go back to the article I published in April of 1994 which appeared in numerous papers in the Western United States and affixed the by-line I so proudly deserve for pointing out a flaw in the wording of a well-known governement publication. Then it only took three weeks for them to figure it out. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation promptly allowed me the privilege of retaining my “right to bear arms” under some unknown document called the “Bill of Rights” or something like that. Be it known (again) to all mankind that I am still the same person who proudly served 2 1/2 years in the U.S. Army during the late 1960s into the early 70s. An episode at the end of my service gave me an opportunity to file charges against all those who wrongfully used my identity in the State of Colorado while stationed in Europe. But I just let it go. And if that’s what this one turns out to be then I’m not sure even heaven can help them.

I was working for the Department of Energy in 1994 when the Brady Bill was signed into law and ratified by my home state of Colorado. Colorado was prepared for this and had instituted by statute a law governing over the counter sales of firearms. It required a mandatory waiting period at first but was shortly thereafter made an “Instacheck” which turned into a denial with no reason attached. After some investigation it was found that the error was from an arrest I had in 1972 while on leave from the U.S. Army. I was arrested for 12 (twelve) counts of failure to appear on traffic warrants. But the judge recognized that I was not within 8,000 miles at the time the original citations were issued and let me go, only to be apprehended by the Military Police for missing my flight back to Europe while in jail!

Again I say, if that’s what this is all about then may heaven have mercy upon us all. I just want to take a new .22 rifle with me when I go elk hunting this year. If I cannot purchase one legally then maybe I should beg to ask the next horrific question. How did I get my Model 70 Winchester 30.06, a Ruger .44mag pistol,a Ruger .44mag carbine, 2(two) Model 670 Winchesters, a Browning 30.06 BAR, a Ruger MarkII .22 pistol, an H&R .22 pistol, numerous other .22s including a Ruger 10/22 like the one I tried to purchase this morning and, if that’s not enough, a secret security clearance to assemble and fire live nuclear rounds from a 155mm self-propelled howitzer.

I’ve contacted NICS and hope they will get to the bottom of this without me having to go back through the ordeal with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation like I did 14 years ago. I also sent a mention of this to Senator Wayne Allard (R), Colorado. Last time (and I really miss him) Representative Scott McGinnis helped me get in touch with the bureaucrat who worded the form and I gave her an earful but was polite. And if this turns out to be something I’m forgetting since last I slept then maybe we can all just disregard this minor outburst.

Oh well. Happy hunting no matter what. Thank God for some sanity.

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